Don't just stand there, ask R U OK? Source RUOK
Don’t just stand there. Ask R U OK? Source RUOK


September is Suicide Prevention Month,  and awareness campaign R U OK? Day is Thursday, September 10th.

R U OK? was founded in 2009 to inspire people to ask “are you okay?” to anyone who may be struggling with life. 

R U OK? Campaign Director, Rebecca Lewis, said every 40 seconds someone dies from suicide, and urges Australia as a community to come together and prevent this statistic from rising. 

“We need to make a concerted and genuine effort to be there for one another and really walk in one another’s shoes,” Ms. Lewis said.

The Bare Truth, is a magazine that aims to shut down stigmas,  raise awareness by influencing difficult conversations and stereotypes around mental health issues with young people. 

Editor-in-chief, Sophie Liley, says she believes R U OK? is a chance for people to to see the importance of this campaign.

“It’s hard, but sharing stories can raise awareness in the community for the causes and prevent it from happening again,” Ms. Liley said.

R U OK? takes place nationwide tomorrow, acting as a reminder to always be sure we ask someone “R U OK”? 

 If you are experiencing any mental or emotional difficulties as a result of this article, contact Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636


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