Katy Faust against gay marriage – but why?


Couple Emily and Jared hold hands in support of traditional marriage
Couple Emily and Jared hold hands in support of traditional marriage. Source: Nakita Ronto

Traditional marriage advocate Katy Faust wants to put a stop to the legislation of gay matrimony.

Raised by her lesbian mother and partner, Faust now has a blog site called askthebigot, which strongly opposes gay marriage.

When she became a Christian in High School, Faust began to have concerns about children having two same-sex parents and how it could be a disadvantage.

On SBS Lateline’s interview Ms Faust said children shouldn’t lose one or both parents by choice.

“Children have a right to be in a relationship with their mother and father whenever possible and as a society we shouldn’t normalise a family structure that should require children to lose one or both parents.”

Church of Christ Pastor Geoff Charles said that Christians and God do not hate gays, it is society that is vilifying anyone who has an opposing view of gay marriage.

“Christianity is not against people, it is against choices that may be distracting for the individual.” he said.

“The pro-gay position is totally dominating and anybody who puts a different point of view is vilified and demonised as being homophobic.”

Queensland Aids Council volunteer and gay rights activist Amanda Colefax said everyone deserves the right to have a family.

“I think every person has the right and should have the right and opportunity to have a family no matter what,” she said.

“If a same-sex couple want to have children, you know that those children are wanted because you know it is not just something that they can go and do.”

“Like a lot of couples go out and have a child, because it was an accident or because that’s the way it should be.”



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