Dog attack numbers on the rise


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Not always man’s best friend, dog attacks are on the rise in Queensland  Source: Supplied

Dog attacks in Queensland appear to be on the rise with an increase in the number of incidents being reported to local councils each week.

Sunshine Coast Dog Behaviour Rehab owner Janine Odds said that the owners of aggressive dogs should be held responsible for their animal’s actions.

“The only unstable or aggressive dogs are the ones with uneducated owners,” Ms Odds said.

“It doesn’t just come down to the breed of a dog, after all I’m constantly being called to people’s homes who need help dealing with their ‘out of control’ little dogs just as much as I am big dogs.”

“The owners should be the ones held responsible if their dog attacks as they are the ones who are meant to be in control of the situation, they are the ones who need to teach their dogs how to interact properly.” Ms Odds said.

Dog attack victim Sue Smith says after watching her dog get attacked by an another dog earlier this year she is now too afraid to walk her dogs by herself.

“I still experience flashbacks, anxiety and insomnia since the attack,” Mrs Smith said.

“I believe it was unprovoked and the lack of basic training of this dog attributed to the attack.”

Mrs Smith said the incident has left a lasting impact on her life.

“I have a fear now of any other dog in public areas, I start to get anxiety if a dog is running towards my dogs,”.

“People need to realise any dog size or breed can be a weapon.”


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  1. The only unstable or aggressive dogs are the ones with uneducated owners,” Ms Odds said.
    Well, that is not strictly true, there is a large genetic component in both fearful and aggressive behaviour and both can lead to a dog that bites. There can also be pain and illness.
    Sometimes people do all the right things and it still goes wrong,
    Sometime people do all the wrong things and get a great dog.
    I am not saying that people should not be responsible for their dog’s actions, just that it is not as straightforward as Ms Odds is implying.

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