Brisbane deputy mayor petitions for cheaper public transport


Deputy mayor thinks expensive Brisbane bus prices could be driving away patrons. Photo: Creative Commons


Brisbane Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner is petitioning the Queensland State Government for cheaper public transport fares.

Cr Schrinner started a petition to raise awareness about high TransLink service fees, as a Queensland State Government taskforce sets to review the transport fare system.

The state government taskforce is currently revising the TransLink fare structure, and aims to lower fees, change concession eligibility, and phase out paper tickets.

Cr Schrinner says he started the petition to express his concerns about the current public transport prices, and will also provide an avenue for the public to do so.

“Now is an ideal time for people to provide feedback, and it is certainly my hope that it will be taken into consideration as part of the review,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Our motive here is to encourage greater transport use by making it affordable.”

Queensland member for transport, Jackie Trad said in a media statement that public transport patronage has declined since the last government, and the review will cooperate with the public to achieve the best results.

“We will … engage extensively with the public, providing them with the opportunity to have their say before making a decision about the future of public transport fares in South East Queensland,” Ms Trad said.

“Input provided through community engagement will be combined with the taskforce’s recommendations to inform government’s final decision.”

According to a member of the taskforce, the reviewers have signed a confidentiality agreement and cannot make statements to the media regarding the petition.


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