Australia celebrates with an IVF first


The baby boom of the 1950s sent the urban population spiralling.

Today, 35,000 Australian and New Zealand couples have difficulty conceiving each year as a result of poor lifestyle choices.

In an Australian first, two healthy babies were conceived last month using Karyomapping – a major revelation in In-vitro fertilisation technologies defying the odds against a sometimes-cruel gene pool.

This means doctors have the power to effectively eliminate recessive genetic disorders such as Huntington disease and cystic fibrosis.

Program Manager and Senior Nurse Coordinator at Brisbane Fertility Centre Jennifer Taylor said Karyomapping is a technological advancement in clinical IVF.

“It seems to me Karyomapping will be paramount in the mainstream medical arena,” Taylor said.

In wake of fertility week (2 – 8 September), the five key factors of fertility according to Your Fertility Chief Executive Officer Louise Johnson are age, weight, smoking, alcohol and timing.

“This year we are focusing on lifestyle factors, the most fertile time of the month and the most effective age for men and women to conceive a baby,” Johnson said.



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