Ferrari launches new showroom to meet demand of QLD enthusiasts


Brisbane’s Ferrari dealership has officially opened the doors to its new showroom to meet the growing demand of Queensland customers.

Positioned on the high profile corner of Breakfast Creek Road and Waterloo Street, the 550 square meter showroom is fully built to the new Ferrari International Corporate Identity standards.

Managing Director of Ferrari Brisbane, Martin Roller said this was a big investment on their behalf, however the Ferrari brand has been going from strength to strength in Australia, and in particular Queensland.

“Queensland has been the fastest growing region in Australia over the last 12 months with an increase in sales of 300% over the previous year,” Mr Roller said.

“It’s very understandable because if you look at the way property prices are, the economy has strengthened in both the gold coast and Brisbane.”

Martin Roller said the aim was to bring to car as close to the street as possible with the new showroom. Photo: Supplied
Martin Roller said the aim was to bring to car as close to the street as possible with the new showroom. Photo: Supplied

The launch of the showroom coincided with the unveiling of the new Ferrari 488GTB, which had over 20 Queensland pre orders prior to even being seen in the flesh.

“Such is the Ferrari brand and the fact that many of the clients have had Ferrari’s before, the fact that the car is faster, stronger, lighter, more beautiful, and cheaper than the predecessor has made it a no brainer for these people,” Mr Roller said.

However Mr Roller said there are only around 7000 cars manufactured each year, so the waiting list for the car will extend beyond two years.

“That’s just the nature of the situation, there’s more demand than supply.”

Ferrari Brisbane received a visit from the new Ferrari 488GTB. They will receive their first batch of cars in December. photo: supplied
Ferrari Brisbane received a visit from the Ferrari 488GTB while they wait until December for their first batch of the new model. The car boasts 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds, and starts at $469,888 Photo: supplied

“This is a car that people will wait for but of course they all want the car tomorrow – it’s such a beautiful car.”

“We are personalizing, and individualizing every single car for our clients, so this is a great time where customers, they are buying an expensive car, a top end car, and they can build the car to their own bespoke requirements.”

The showroom is open Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm, and Mr Roller welcomes readers to come in and check it out.

Photo: supplied
The showroom can display up to 8 cars at once. Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied
The showroom features a space for the customer to sit down with the designer and choose the details of their car. Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied
Car design options are featured on the wall of the design space. Photo: supplied

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