Pineapple Express: “Good for your insides”


Source: Anika McMahon
Fresh, modern, and healthy, Pineapple Express treats your insides. Source: Anika McMahon

Nestled in the busy centre of Portside Wharf in Hamilton, Pineapple Express boasts a vibrant menu “good for your insides.”

Pineapple’s fresh atmosphere is the perfect way to welcome spring back to Brisbane, with the added bonus of generously portioned super foods to kickstart your fitness journey.

There is more than meets the eye with this new comer to the Brisbane food scene.

One of the directors of the café, Jonathan Forde, spoke about the build up to opening the café and how the concept of Pineapple Express came to be.

“We planned for about a year before we opened, and it was about taking what we saw other people doing, the best parts of what they did and turning it into a full concept,” he says.

“At the crux of it, our key message is good for your insides and we wanted every item to be good for your insides.”

Mr Forde went on to discuss the current trends of obesity and their overwhelming passion for a healthy lifestyle.

“Obviously we are aware of the trends but more so, we wanted a whole hearted approach to our menu and to being healthy and that’s why we called it super food café.

Acari breakfast bowl. Source: Anika McMahon

“Wherever we can, we put super foods in our ingredients and recipes and are making those good healthy choices, and switches.”

Pineapple Express has successfully managed to create an innovative menu to satisfy unhealthy cravings while eating clean, super food.

Offering a menu bursting with variety, diners can choose from protein pancakes drizzled with Manuka honey and coyo ice-cream, delicious low-carb zucchini pasta, or an acai bowl jam packed with all the good stuff.

There is a list of breakfast and lunch items, or for something small, treat yourself to a range of smoothies, juices, CocoWhip or any of their raw goodies, “[that] taste like they should be unhealthy but are still good for your insides.”

If you haven’t already popped into Pineapple Express, this reviewer says now is the time to do it, with the new Spring menu ready for launch.

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