YMCA spreads the love for disadvantaged kids


Money for Jam...... Source: Joshua Adamson
Money for Jam…….. Source: Joshua Adamson

Jam and honey are back on the menu for school breakfasts in a new program raising money to feed disadvantaged kids.

The Jamboree Heights YMCA is seeking donations for its Spreading is Caring campaign.

The Spreading is Caring campaign supports the YMCA School Breakfast Program, which provides free meals to disadvantaged kids around Logan.

After starting in 2006 with five schools, the School Breakfast Program now supports 77 schools across the region, with the program serving its 2 millionth meal in recent weeks.

While much food is provided by major sponsors, Tip Top and Kellogg’s, jam and honey are very hard to source, but needed for meals.

On average participating schools provide three meals a week and on any given day between one and three jars of jam are used.

Breakfast Program Manager Catherine Hannell said the chance to get a free meal means a lot to disadvantaged kids.

“We want to make sure every child has every chance and opportunity to have a good meal,” Ms Hannell said.

Last year 409,000 meals were provided, and the YMCA hopes to beat that number and provide over 550,000 meals by the end of the year.


To donate please visit the Jamboree Heights YMCA at 76 Andaman St with jars of jam and honey.

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