Brisbane Writers Festival opens doors


Outdoor Shot
Attendees outside at the Brisbane Writers Festival Source: Supplied

The Brisbane Writers Festival opened its doors today to reading and writing enthusiasts from all over Australia.

Festival director and CEO Julie Beveridge said the festival was more than just an expert on a stage talking at a group of people.

“What we like to do is provide platforms for conversations which are inspiring, challenging, thought provoking, difficult and entertaining, through a variety of different mediums,” Ms Beveridge said.

While many may assume the Brisbane Writers Festival is only for writers looking to be educated, Ms Beveridge disagrees.

“The festival isn’t just for aspiring writers, it’s for anyone who reads, anyone who is interested in ideas and conversation,” Ms Beveridge said.

Author of the book ‘A Double Shot of Happiness,’ and speaker at the Brisbane Writers Festival Judy Sharp agrees that the festival can work as an inspirational platform, and hopes to promote other methods of teaching.

“[I am hoping to] encourage interest in the idea of trying alternatives and different methods when conventional teaching practices don’t appear to work,” Ms Sharp said.

“Also encouraging the idea of using art for communication and also personal expression and growth.”

The Brisbane Writers Festival will run until Sunday 6th September.