Doughnut demand brings Donut Boyz to Brisbane


Source: Janelsa Ouma Lemon Meringue: The famous Donut Boyz Lemon Meringue Doughnut surrounded by other popular flavours.
The famous Donut Boyz Lemon Meringue Doughnuts surrounded by other popular flavours. Source: Janelsa Ouma

Donut Boyz are creating a sweet-tooth in Brisbane’s hottest pub, The Wickham after increasing demand for artisan doughnuts.

When the Sunshine Coast franchise first opened five months ago, they created a social media frenzy and with only 400 doughnuts on hand, they sold out within 35 minutes.

Donut Boyz co-owner and successful chef Tony Kelly and business partner Scott Hoskins decided to remodel the dessert into to a fine art.

Donut Boyz co-owner Tony Kelly said their goal is to create the freshest highest quality, hand crafted doughnuts.

“From the doughnut to the filling, it’s all made by us. So there is no numbers, there’s no preservatives, that will always be a foundation of our business,” Mr Kelly said.

Queensland Department of Health director, Dr Jeannette Young said Queenslanders are spending about 42 cents in the dollar on dining out and often their food choices are unhealthy.

“The cost factor aside, takeaway food and eating out often means bigger portions and more calorie-dense foods – high in fat and sugar,” Dr Young said.

“More than half of Queensland’s population – two-thirds of adults and a quarter of children – are overweight or obese.”

“We have the sad mantle of being the ‘heaviest’ state in Australia.”

Owners Scott Hoskins and Tony Kelly wanted to transform the standard doughnut into something extraordinary. For Mr Hoskin’s the success of his restaurants helped drive this passion. Source: Janelsa Ouma

Franchise owner Tony Kelly said doughnuts should be a snack or treat and only consumed every once in a while.

“Let’s face it, if you have half a dozen doughnuts everyday, with our doughnuts you may even drop dead in a week,” he said.

Mr Kelly said their hand crafted products have given them a competitive advantage ahead of similar franchise, Doughnut Time.

“If anything [we] probably compliment each other, rather than compete directly against each other,” Mr Kelly said.

“We use real ingredients, it’s all hand-made, we don’t cut any corners. If we are gonna put fruit in the doughnut, we use locally sourced.”

Making over 20,000 last week alone, Donut Boyz co-owner, Scott Hoskins said they are looking forward to expanding to places like Sydney.

At the launch of their Brisbane store, I was able to try their some of naughty treats including the famous, Lemon Meringue doughnut.

Word of advice: leave the diet at the door.

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