Open-Air Cinemas


Outdoor cinema Source: John Gollings
Outdoor cinema in the sunset Source: John Gollings

Open-air cinemas are rising in popularity as families look for a more budget friendly option, with Starry Nights Outdoor Movies running screenings from the Gold Coast to Hervey Bay.

Coordinator of the Starry Nights Outdoor Movies, Trent Harvison said that since their first screening in 2009 the event has steadily grown in popularity.

‘We’ve definitely seen a spike in popularity in the last few years. Especially with the number of families attending.”

“I think that families enjoy going to open-air cinemas as they offer more of a connection to the real world and a chance for some quality family bonding,” Mr Harvison said.

The average cost for a family of four to view a movie at a large chain cinema would be around $60.

Add on a popcorn and drink combo for each family member and this could set them back around $100.

The Starry Night Outdoor Movies charge $20 per a car for a drive in movie, which roughly works out around $5 per a person.

Mother of two, Brenda Cooper said that an outing to the open-air cinemas is much more affordable for her family than going to a big chain cinema.

“Open-air cinemas provide a more relaxed atmosphere and are really good for young families,” said Mrs Cooper.

The Brisbane City Council also offers free outdoor movies in the park to cater to the demand for more budget friendly family events.

For information on movie dates and times in your area, visit the Brisbane City Council website at

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