Ipswich City Council Outfoxed


European fox from Ipswich City Council Site
Ipswich residents call for more to be done to address an influx of foxes in the area. Source: Ipswich City Council

Ipswich residents are calling on their local council to take further action to address an influx of European foxes in the area.

The Council has already set up traps that capture two of these pests every week. But residents say this is not enough.

Ipswich resident Felicity Leis said she fears the Council’s actions aren’t enough to keep her and her pets safe.

“Even with these traps in place we are still sighting them amongst our gardens and parks,” Ms Leis said.

“Winston is an outside dog, I don’t want to have to worry about a fox attacking him, or worse.”

Foxes pose a threat on pets in the area. Source: Michaela Petrofes
Foxes pose a threat for pets in the area, residents say. Source: Michaela Petrofes

Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Management) Act 2002, local governments are responsible for developing a control plan with local residents.

Ms Leis said the council should not be pushing the issue to the back of their priorities list.

“I just want council to take the problem a little more seriously and to be more proactive towards it,” she said.

The European red fox is a Class 2 pest under the Land Protection Act 2002.

According to Ipswich City Council all pests are disposed of humanely.

Ipswich City Council was reached for comment and did not provide one.

Residents wanting to report fox activity can contact the Ipswich City Council on (07) 3810 6666


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