Residents in a row over narrow streets


Frustration grows over narrow streets and congestion in residential suburbs. Source: Janelsa Ouma.

Brisbane motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated by narrow streets and confusion over parking laws in popular residential suburbs.

Annerley resident Stephanie Flynn said Aylesford Street can be hazardous for drivers, warning them to be more vigilant.

“Every time [someone drives down the street] it’s worrying and you’ve gotta be very aware… it’s risky every time you go down,” Ms Flynn said.

Ms Flynn said motorists often disregard the Council’s regulations that specify a three-metre gap needs to be left between their vehicle and the roadway.

“People park in front of driveways. Everyone just parks wherever they can,” she said.

Illegal parking and congested streets can also hinder emergency services.

Queensland Fire Emergency Services spokesperson Leigh Campbell said in an emergency situation necessary force will be applied.

“If you are parked illegally on the street you are committing a felony,” Mr Campbell said.

“Basically if we can go around we will, but operating under light and siren, and if a car is blocking the way, we push vehicles with our truck with enough force as gently as possible.”

Truck driver Alan Koessler said entering these narrow streets can be irritating.

“It is ridiculous, all these places we can’t get into,” Mr Koessler said.

“Around Annerley and Morooka people have been good… apart from that, people have been getting pretty cranky.”