New road rules for motorcyclists spark concerns


New road rules for Queensland motorcyclists raise concerns for drivers. Source: Creative Commons.

The Queensland Government recently adopted new road rules allowing motorcyclists to ride down the middle of road lanes at low speeds when cars are either stationary or travelling below 30km/h.

RACQ technical and safety policy manager Steve Spalding said most drivers are concerned that the new filtering laws could increase the risks for both motorcyclists and drivers because motorcyclists are hard to spot when they are in between lanes.

Given the popularity of motorcycle riding around Southeast Queensland Mr Spalding said safety measures on the roads have improved over recent years.

“There have been some road improvements on some of the more popular riding roads, certainly around the treatments of safety barriers and signs so there are fewer injuries if a motorcyclist comes off the road,” Mr Spalding said.

“[But] there’s certainly more that can be done.”

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith reported that distracted driving, particularly talking or texting on a mobile phone, is fast becoming the number cause of fatal crashes in Queensland.

Motorcycle enthusiast Tatum Taffs echoed this concern.

“They don’t look or care, they spend too much time on the phone, texting and changing their music rather than paying attention to the traffic,” Ms Taffs said.

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