‘Energy’ now at the heart of the G20 Summit


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Tony Abbott.Photo:tcktcktck.org
Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Photo: tck.tck.tck.org

Energy is now at the heart of the G20 agenda, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In his post-G20 media address, Mr Abbott presented ‘energy’ rather than climate change as a focus of the summit, placing emphasis on the significance of coal as a boost for the economy and the importance of electricity as a necessity of life.

“We want to faze out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies…we agree to work together to grow energy efficiency,” Mr Abbott said.

“Australia has always believed that climate change is real, that humanity has an effect on it and that our nation should make real action against climate change.”

Australia’s attempts to reduce climate change on the formal agenda have been overridden by the United States and European Union, according to a tweet by Reuters.

Twitter feeds have been filled with accusations that the Prime Minister cares less for the Australian environment than the President of the United States.

Mr Abbott reinforced Australia’s focus on furthering the economy.

“We want to make real action that is consistent on job growth, and economic growth…our actions will support global and economic growth for business,” he said.

Mr Abbott did not comment on Australia’s contribution to the Obama-announced Green Climate Fund.

“We will be making further decisions at the right time,” Mr Abbott said.

Inclusion of climate change on the G20 agenda remained a hot topic on Twitter this weekend as Brisbane temperatures continued to swelter.

Temperatures in the city this weekend have reached highs of 38.5 degrees, further sparking discussion regarding climate on the social media site.

The Financial Review tweeted that Saudi Arabia and Australia will be “isolated” in their resistance to include climate change as a significant point on the agenda during this year’s leaders’ summit.

There has been increasing pressure on Abbott to re-consider incorporation of the issue, especially following US President Barack Obama’s announcement of $US3 billion to contribute to the Green Climate fund yesterday.

According to another tweet by the Financial Review, Treasurer Joe Hockey both defended and reinforced the Prime Minister’s focus on growth and employment.

He emphasised that while climate issues were important, these issues would be more challenging when faced by a nation suffering from recession and economic difficulty.



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