Too early to call G20 a success: Newman


Police Commissioner Ian Stewart. Photo: Kim McKosker

Queensland’s Premier Campbell Newman says it’s too early to call the G20 Leaders’ Summit a success but the teamwork already displayed between Queensland Police and the Australian Federal Police is setting the benchmark of conduct in international events.

Premier Newman stopped by police headquarters today to say thank-you to police for keeping Brisbane calm during the G20.

“They have done a great job and I urge them to continue their vigilance until the last 24 hours or so until the last of our visitors have left town,” he said.

“The weekend is not over yet but I thank all the men and women who have been working so hard in terms of the security effort, we will set a benchmark that will make Australia proud and provide leadership to other cities.”

Premier Newman says the G20 has been in planning for more than two and a half years, since former Prime Minister Julia Gillard indicated her intent for Brisbane to host the international event.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said all the contingencies put in place in the last 36 hours had been running smoothly.

“Police officers will start to bump out of Brisbane tonight but we will still need very strong security until tomorrow night when the last of our visitors depart.”

Commissioner Stewart says today will still be very busy and traffic disruptions are expected.

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