Russia knows who MH17 culprits are: Newman


Investigation at the MH17 crash site. Photo: Dutch Ministry of Defence, Creative Commons

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says he is confident Russian and Ukranian security services know the people who shot down Flight MH17 that killed everyone on-board including 38 Australians, seven of which were Queenslanders.

“I’m very confident that it is within the power of President Putin to track those people down and bring them to justice and that’s what needs to happen,” Mr. Newman told The Source News.

He has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to apologise for his country’s alleged part in the MH17 incident, which caused the death of 298 people; including 193 Dutch and 38 Australians.

“I would be fairly confident that the Russian and, indeed, the Ukranian security services and militaries would have a fairly good idea of about who these people are; we just need them to be brought to justice,” Mr Newman said.

Mr Newman said Australians and Queenslanders needed answers.

“They are really after him to support apprehending the people who gave the order to fire the missile, and those who were on that missile crew; that’s something that has to happen,” he said.

“For my mind, the most important thing is justice for the families of these victims and justice is about a meaningful attempt to track these people down,” he said.

Earlier this month, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned against politicising the investigation into the Flight MH17 tragedy.

Meeting with Australian counterpart Tony Abbott in Canberra, Mr Rutte said it was up to investigators to “connect the dots”.

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