Labor wants inclusive growth and climate change action from G20


Labor MP Terri Butler speaks to Griffith University student Jessica Henderson about G20 Photo Dan Carson


Federal Member for Griffith Terri Butler says the Labor Party wants to see “real outcomes” on inclusive growth and climate change action from the G20 summit .

In an extensive interview with The Source News, Ms Butler said the G20 summit should be dealing with the inequality of economic growth.

“The G20 should be about inclusive growth; growth were everyone shares in prosperity,” Ms Butler said.

“Since the last G20 leaders summit, the G20 group of nations have increased their wealth by $17 trillion with a third of that going to the top 1 percent,” she said.

Ms Butler also said Australia should get back “in step” with the international community on climate change.

“Australians want to see real action on climate change, not this direct action nonsense,” she  said.

“It’s pretty embarrassing when all these world leaders come to this summit and want to talk about climate change and all Mr Abbott wants to talk about is the GP tax.”

Ms Butler said the other pressing matter that should be dealt with at the G20 summit was a fair and full free trade agreement with China that delivered benefits for Australian primary producers.



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