Greens say climate change should be on top of the G20 agenda.


Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters believes the next Federal election will be a “referendum on climate change”.

Speaking at the G20 People’s March, the Greens Senator took a swipe at Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s inaction on climate change saying his excuses no longer wash with voters.

“People know that climate change is real and it is not crap despite what the Prime Minister thinks,” she said.

“At the last election Mr Abbott was successful at driving an agenda of fear, but people are smarter than that now.

“We are seeing more and more effects of extreme weather events in our daily lives, and with the recent agreement between the USA and China we think that Mr Abbott will stand or fall on his hopeless policies.”

Ms Waters urged the Prime Minister to “get to work” on climate change action, saying his present stance makes him an “international embarrassment.”


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