Police add to G20 prohibited persons list


Gavin George Begbie has been named on the Prohibited Persons list. Photo: Supplied

Queensland Police have released the name and photograph of a man who has been placed on the prohibited persons list for this weekend’s G20 Leaders’ Summit.

Gavin George Begbie, 47, is the twelfth man prohibited from the G20 security zone, joining four additional excluded persons targeted under G20-specific legislation.

Mr Begbie was sentenced to four years imprisonment in 2008 after assaulting police officers during an anti-APEC rally in Sydney in 2007. Mr Begbie attacked four police officers with darts and an iron pipe.

Police published the man’s details after they were unable to locate him to serve the notice in person.

Under the G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013, a person is placed on the prohibited person’s list if police believe they pose a serious threat to safety and security in the security area, or pose a risk of disruption to any part of the G20 meeting.


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