PETA: All environmentalists should be vegan


PETA protestors surrounded by G20 Media - Picture by Phillip Harsant
PETA protestors surrounded by G20 Media. Photo: Phillip Harsant


One of the most irreverent G20 protests had the most media interest yesterday as PETA put flesh on show to encourage world leaders to stop eating it.

Three near-naked young women, clad in little more than green body paint, held signs which read “go green, go vegan”.

Protester Jo Miller says their message for the leaders is simple – going vegan is much better for the environment than consuming animal products.

“You can’t be an environmentalist without going vegan,” she says.

PETA Australia Campaign Coordinator Claire Fryer said the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that it takes more than 10 times the amount of fossil fuel to produce animal protein compared with the same amount of plant based protein.

“The UN have stated that a global shift towards a vegan diet is necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change,” Ms Fryer said.

“Obviously not everyone can afford a hybrid car, but we can all do our bit for the environment by choosing a vegie burger rather than a chicken sandwich.”

While the message may have some scientific basis, it remains to be seen whether motorists on Cordelia Street in South Brisbane, and the countless media present, took it on board.

“Hopefully they are reading the sign and getting the message,” Ms Miller said.

The animal rights group’s intended audience of world leaders is yet to arrive for this weekend’s summit.


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