World leaders must stop “wave of inequality”: Oxfam


Bobble-headed activists in Aussie lifesaver togs say world leaders must act now to stop the “wave of inequality” crashing into the world’s poor.

Oxfam activists, wearing brilliantly crafted bobble-heads of world leaders, said growing worldwide inequality needs to be put on the agenda at this weekend’s G20 Summit.

Photo: Kimberley McCosker
Photo: Kimberley McCosker

Chief Executive of Oxfam Helen Szoke said the divide between the rich and the poor is growing but world leaders can make a difference.

“We’re trying to draw attention to the fact that the gap is widening between the rich and the poor and that we really need the G20 to address inequality,” Dr Szoke said.

“This is a symbol that the G20 leaders can save lives if they address inequality, they can make decisions at the Brisbane meeting”

Dr Szoke said she’s feeling positive that the issue is being taken seriously by the federal government.
“We’re heartened that the Australian treasurer Joe Hockey has now acknowledged that inequality must be addressed and that we need to have inclusive growth, not just growth for growth’s sake,” she said.
“We have to bring everyone along, we have to have protections for those people who are still poor, who still go to bed hungry.”

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