Police make first arrest for breaching G20 exclusion order


Assistant Commissioner G20 Katarina Carroll and Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett. Photo: Philip Norrish
Assistant Police Commissioner G20 Katarina Carroll and Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett. Photo: Philip Norrish

A young man was charged by police for re-entering the G20 exclusion zone today after being previously excluded.

The 24 year old man from Highgate Hill was excluded from the declared area on November 9 for failing to provide police with his address.

Police allege the man was arrested around noon after being seen at the South Bank Railway Station.

He was taken to the G20 prisoner processing facility and released on bail.

He is expected to face the Brisbane Magistrates Court on December 4, 2014 where he will be charged with unauthorised entry to a security area by an excluded person under G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said there are currently eleven people excluded and four people prohibited from the declared area, two of whom were added today.

“One of them has already been served and the other will be shortly,” he said.

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