Hockey: G20 to go hard on tax


Treasurer Joe Hockey has promised “real outcomes” for Australia’s economy on the world stage.

Addressing the media in Brisbane on Thursday ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Mr Hockey said one of the main priorities for world leader’s at the weekend summit would be company taxation, part of a wider global trend to clamp down on global tax havens.

“It is hugely important for the globe that companies pay tax where they earn the profits,” Mr Hockey said.

The treasurer likened tax evaders to thieves.

“It is theft, when someone does not pay the tax that is due to a nation and it undermines the ability of that nation to be able to deliver the sorts of services that are essential to alleviate poverty, to reduce inequality,” Mr Hockey said.

Mr Hockey was adamant that taxation would be on the agenda at the summit.

“Out of this weekend we are focused on driving hard the taxation agenda that ensures that companies pay tax where they earn profits, that individuals pay tax where they should be paying the tax,” he said.

The treasurer said the broader aim of the summit was to achieve 2 per cent growth across the globe, and would not be drawn on whether discussion on climate change or the Ebola crisis would significantly affect proceedings.

“The whole agenda is focused on growth and jobs,” he said.

“There’ll be no single issue that will distract leaders or anyone else from the task of delivering on growth and jobs.”

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