Hockey: climate change a part of the G20 agenda, not the whole agenda


Treasurer Joe Hockey speaks on US-China climate deal. Photo: Janelsa Ouma

Speaking ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Treasurer Joe Hockey said climate change will be on the agenda, but the focus remains on economic growth.

“Of course climate change is hugely important,” Mr Hockey told reporters at the G20 International Media Centre on Thursday.

“But there are many issues that will help to drive economic growth, and that will come from the structural reforms laid down before this meeting over the weekend.”

The treasurer’s comments come just days after the United States and China struck a deal to curb their greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Mr Hockey said he welcomed the climate pact between the two superpowers.

“It’s a good sign on many fronts,” he said.

“It is hugely important for the world that China and the United States, as the second largest and largest economies in the world, have a deep dialogue.”

But he added that climate change was “both a risk and an opportunity” for the world economy, and stressed the need for economic reforms.

“I cannot emphasise enough the focus on growth, on infrastructure and investment… on ensuring that we draw a line on the sand to end the constant rewriting of regulation of the financial system of the globe,” Mr Hockey said.

“These are the sorts of things that matter out of this weekend.”

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