Costello calls for climate change action during G20


Dr. Cassandra Goldie, Tim Costello and Joanna Yates Photo: Cory Wright
Dr. Cassandra Goldie, Tim Costello and Joanna Yates. Photo: Cory Wright

The Civil Society 20 (C20) voiced concern today about the validity of the G20 Leaders’ Summit if the leaders do not address issues of economic fairness and climate change.

CEO of World Vision and C20 Chairman Tim Costello said the aim of the C20 is to achieve a positive outcome from the G20 summit that leads to financial equality and addresses climate change.

Mr Costello added that not addressing these topics will undermine the achievements of the G20 summit.

“This is why the C20 is calling on the G20 to take action that will result in the growth in the incomes of the bottom 20 percent of households, and for growth plans to be job-rich,” Mr Costello said.

Half of the world’s poorest people live in G20 countries with Pope Francis also urging Mr Abbott to address the disparity between the worlds rich and poor.

The C20’s strong stance on climate change comes after The United States of America and China have recently signed an emission capping deal. Mr Costello believes that it is not responsible for Tony Abbott, as President of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, to take climate change off the agenda when major world powers are addressing their emission usage.

Tim Costello at World Vision Headquarters in Brisbane early today Photo: Cory Wright
Tim Costello at World Vision Headquarters in Brisbane early today Photo: Cory Wright

“Australian Presidency doesn’t want this (issue) to be discussed, it really now raises questions about what a president can actually do,” Mr Costello said.

Mr Costello continued by explaining that climate change is a major issue for our generation if we intend to treat future generations fairly.

“You cannot deal with climate change by not discussing it, when the fairness issue is profound,” Mr Costello said.


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