National Protests for Ayotzinapa


Mexican community protest. Photo: Facebook Australia in action for Ayotzinapa- Brisbane
Mexican community protest. Photo: Facebook page of Australia in action for Ayotzinapa – Brisbane

The Australian-Mexican community will hold a national protest this Saturday November 15 against Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s participation in the G20 Summit.

Australia in Action for Ayotzinapa’s Melbourne Protest Organiser Lulu Garcia believes that Mr Peña should stay in Mexico and work towards a solution for the recent alleged student massacres in Iguala.

“We would like to see awareness about that being raised and that we can call on the [Mexican] government to change their tactics,” Ms Garcia said.

The protest aims to promote solidarity amongst the Australian-Mexican community and their families and friends in Mexico.

Protestors will also use the event to call for international action against the continuing violence in Mexico.

“I want the community to feel that they are supported and feel that we can support our families and our community back home. We have a homicide rate of over fifty people per day, all because of violence,” Ms Garcia said.

Ms Garcia is also worried about the Australian governments’ lack of response to the continuing issue.

“Maybe they haven’t been properly informed about the situation in Mexico and the latest declarations about Mr Peña. The investigation is an insult to the families and the Mexican community, who are

calling for more accurate answers and for justice. We would like to inform the Australian government that the president of Mexico is needed in his own country where he has a lot to respond to,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said “Australia joins the Mexican Government in condemning the disappearance and apparent murder of students in Iguala. We welcome Mexico’s investigation into the events and their perpetrators, and its ongoing efforts to strengthen the rule of law and human rights.”

The protests will be held this Saturday November 15, with Ms Garcia encouraging anyone who values life and justice to show solidarity for the cause.

Details of the Protest can be found on the group’s Facebook page: Australia in Action for Ayotzinapa.

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