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Rony Lebovics, 33, clears a vertical wall at Obstacles Gone Mad, 9 November 2014. Photo: Jenelle Stafford

Fitness enthusiasts tackled more than 50 obstacles designed to test strength, speed and agility in Nerang on Sunday, despite temperatures clearing 32 degrees.

The Terrain Training’s Obstacles Gone Mad was organised by Gold Coast trainer Shane Elisara, and is the latest addition to the growing trend of obstacle races now sweeping the nation in a blur of sweat, mud and determination.

“Obstacle racing in Australia is a new sport, we’re now in our second year of competition,” Mr Elisara said.

“It’s made up of a lot of athletes and also a lot of people who just love the idea of competition, knowing full well that they’re not going to win, it’s all about putting themselves in a position where they can compete and have a go and just do something different,” he said.

Mr Elisara, 41, and fiancée Rony Lebovics, 33, both completed the course yesterday along with 350 participants of all ages and abilities.

“OGM was awesome and so unique for the obstacle industry, the open field, short course set up made it really spectator friendly,” Miss Lebovics said.

“My favourite obstacles were the Hectic Monkey Bars, Rings and Rope Combo, and the Table Boulder.”

Shane Elisara, 41, ascends the verticle peg board, one of more than 50 obstacles. Photo: Jenelle Stafford

Winner of the Mens’ Racers title was veteran obstacle course competitor Ash Thorpe, 25, from Queensland.

“The event was fantastically brutal. It was a great challenge and very physically demanding,” Mr Thorpe said.

With a winning time of one hour and five minutes, Mr Thorpe said OGM contrasted other events he had competed in, such as True Grit, Stampede, Mud Rush and Spartan Ultra Beast.

“Most races have a lot of running and are challenging for that reason. This was just an assault on the upper body which is completely different to what we’re used to,” he said.

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