Y Lions return to past


Brisbane Lions have unveiled a blast from the past today with their ‘Clash’ jersey to feature elements from previous jumpers.

The ‘Y’ design represents two of the most successful periods for the Australian Rules Football club, with the design present on Fitzroy’s jersey from 1898-1905, a time when the club won four VFL premierships, and 2001-2003, when the Lions won three successive premierships.

Brisbane Lions’ 2015 clash jersey. Photo: Brisbane Lions

Designs on the jersey also pay homage to the past, introducing an angled blue keyline, blending the Bears’ white keyline of the 1990s with the modern Lions.

Brisbane will bring back the side view Lion, after much criticism surrounding the ‘Paddlepop Lion’.

The Lions are hoping to make the ‘Y’ design their own, much like the ‘prison bars’ of Collingwood or the ‘hoops’ of Geelong.

Each club is required to have home, away and predominantly white clash jerseys for each season.

Brisbane Lions will kick their 2015 campaign off against Collingwood on the 4th of April at the ‘Gabba’.

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