Man remanded in custody over Rochedale bombs discovery


A house in Rochedale South is under heavy investigation by all safety and emergency services after an inquiry discovered explosives in a local residence 10 Novemeber 2014. Picture: Janelsa Ouma, The Source News.

A man has been remanded in custody after police discovered lethal explosives at his Rochedale South shared home.

The 32- year-old has been charged with several offences including manufacturing explosives and drug possession, but the police quickly ruled out any connection to the G20.

Queensland Police Service Detective Inspector Christopher Jory from the Logan District Police said the man had a dangerous curiosity for particular weapons.

“The information we’ve got was that he was fascinated with explosives and fire-arms,” Det. Inspector Jory said.

He said the combined efforts of the Australian Defence Force, Queensland Fire and Rescue and Queensland Ambulance had made it possible to detect and contain the explosives.

“Our primary role here is to ensure the safe disposal of those explosives and the other substances found in the dwelling and that could take another 24 to 48 hours,” Det. Inspector Jory said.

Residents in the local area around the man’s home have been unable to return to their homes since the explosives were discovered over the weekend.

Police are hoping to remove the Public Safety Preservation Act Declaration so residents can safely move back into their homes within the next two days.

Another 10 to 12 explosions are expected for the rest of Monday afternoon.

State member for Springwood John Grant released a statement expressing his concern for his electorate after a man was shot in the head last month by police in the same area.

“This is yet another incident that raises the level of concern for the broader community,” Mr Grant said.

The case has been adjourned until November 19.

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