G20 laws come in effect today


Today marks the first day of the Government’s G20 restrictions across the South Bank and Brisbane CBD areas and some residents are unhappy about it.

The G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013 will give police a range of powers, focusing around the Leaders Summit at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre between 15 and 16 November.

Although a majority of South Bank and the Brisbane CBD areas will be unrestricted, there are certain areas within a designated zone that will give police more power under the G20 Act.

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, home of the G20 summit. Photo: Janelsa Ouma

The people of Brisbane will be largely unaffected but activist and BrisCAN-G20 supporter Max Riethmuller said he has grown concerned over the Government’s intentions.

“The current security alert and the Islamic State situation wasn’t on the horizon… it was designed in a time when there was no threat,” Mr Riethmuller said.

“We think they [the G20 laws] are unnecessary and there is a strong feeling out there that the laws won’t achieve results.

“It sets a precedent in Australia for security, it is an extreme, and we don’t want it to slide into a totalitarian government.”

BrisCAN-G20 is a collection of protest groups holding an alternative summit around Brisbane, discussing issues they believe have been ‘left out’ of the summit.

Areas in the direct vicinity of the BCEC will require accreditation from the Commonwealth Government, and police have the right to question any person or persons in the larger designated zones.

Some have expressed concerns over the police having the power to request the removal of head-wear. However, the search will only be conducted in secluded areas.

Protests and other assembly groups will have to register 48 hours in advance with the Queensland Police Service, stating when, where and what they will be doing.

The protests will only be considered unlawful if violent offences or property damages occur and if three or more members are involved in an unlawful event.

Persons will be unable to travel along roads, walkways and waterways when a motorcade is en route for the G2o.

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