Fears BCC in Musgrave Park to take back Jagera Hall


Photo: Kasun Ubayasiri
Aboriginal Activist Wayne ‘Coco’ Wharton at Jagera Hall, Musgrave Park. Photo: Kasun Ubayasiri

Musgrave Park Traditional Owners fear that Brisbane City Council’s rapid response teams are at Jagera Hall today to take it back.

Elders have locked the gates to the hall with padlocks and chains.

When approached for comment, Brisbane City Council’s rapid response teams refused to comment.

Jagera Elder Kevin Vieritz said Monday’s Jagera Hall incident and today’s extinguishing of the sacred fire are linked.

“It seems some people are deliberately trying to provoke an incident from us,” he said.

“This annoys us, because we have already sat down and spoken, shaken hands and agreed on how we would operate during the G20.

“We will still protest peacefully at the G20, we want to maintain good relationships with reasonable people in authority,” he said.

UPDATE 2:55pm: Brisbane city council have today handed papers to the Jagera people asking them to hire the hall for the duration of the G20 only.

The Jagera people are upset by this in light of Tuesday’s unanimous decision in the Brisbane City Council chambers to hand back a long-term lease of Jagera Hall to the Jagera people.

UPDATE 4:oopm: Musgrave Park Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy elders say Brisbane City Council has cleared the building for use despite an earlier threat to close it due to the presence of asbestos.

A 2012 Brisbane City Council asbestos register obtained by The Source News says there were extreme levels of Chrysotile and Amosite asbestos found in the men’s toilet area as recently as May 2012 but that has now been removed.

UPDATE 6:00 pm: A Brisbane City Council spokesman has responded to questions from The Source News with a statement:

“During Tuesday’s Council meeting, the Lord Mayor reaffirmed his commitment to the Aboriginal community that Council would be happy to provide a long-term lease of Jagera Hall, under the condition that a governance model was established,” he said.

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