Electric tricycle service gears up to help transport during G20


With expectations for G20 involving widespread road congestion, people are likely to turn to unorthodox methods of travel.

Goodwill Bike Co. chalk sign   Photo: Dan Carson
Goodwill Bike Co. chalk sign. Photo: Dan Carson

While many motorists are making plans to stay off the roads over the next few weeks, Goodwill Bike Co. is gearing up assist commuters.

Normally confined to the Goodwill Bridge and surrounding areas, Goodwill Bike Co. manager Jason So said services will operate around South Bank, providing easy and stylish transport.

Mr So is aware the congestion and road blocks may intimidate some people but said their electric bikes will keep running through the summit.

“It’s still going to be good because we’re obviously a tricycle so we can give joy rides wherever people like… other than the direct areas that are zoned off we can still travel everywhere around it so it’ll still be cool,” he said.

“I think the best part about next week is that [I can meet] plenty of people [who] will come to check out Brisbane for this great summit and the ability to meet people from all around the world, put a smile on their faces.”

With the increase of traffic this could be a new season for the Goodwill Bike Co.
With the increase of traffic this could be a new season for Goodwill Bike Co. Photo: Lauren Bickley

Mr So said the increase in traffic could provide an opportunity for Goodwill Bike Co. to expand their services into areas around South Bank.

“That will be a new initiative that we’d start, potentially staying more on roads to give people rides instead of just the bridge or the surrounding areas,” Mr So said.

Goodwill Bike Co. will be operating over the next few weeks and can be contacted via their Facebook page: Facebook.com/goodwillbikeco