Transport Minister warns of public transport changes in place for G20


Public transport users will notice 97 bus route changes during the week of 10-17 November Photo: Google images
Public transport users will notice 97 bus route changes during the week of 10-17 November. Photo: Google images

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson warns public transport users of timetable changes and bus delays expected in November due to the G20.

Mr Emerson said ferry and train services will be the best public transport options during the G20, except for the closure of South Brisbane train station.

“Regular bus and ferry services in Brisbane will run to a public holiday timetable on Friday 14 November and trains will run to a Saturday timetable with some additional services on the Sunshine Coast line,” Mr Emerson said.

Changes to the bus timetable will run from 7pm on Thursday 13 November through to Monday 17 November.

“I encourage passengers to leave the city before the changes kick in on Thursday,” Mr Emerson said.

97 bus routes will be impacted by the changes or closures for the G20, with a number of popular bus routes reducing the number of services or not running at all.

“I thank all passengers for their patience during what will be an important event for Queensland,” Mr Emerson said.

City-bound services such as route 140, 333 and 385 will stop at G20 transport hubs.

A full list of SEQ public transport arrangements and updated route specific information is available online to assist passengers plan their public transport journeys during the week of 10-17 November, 2014.

Services outside the Brisbane City Council area will run to regular scheduled timetables, with the exception of the peak-only services to and from the city.

For detailed information about public transport during G20, visit


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