Halloween mazes bring terror to Movie World Fright Nights


Fright Nights set to scare even the most fearless guests. Photo: Cheryl Yong

Movie World Fright Nights brought its signature after-dark event ‘Fight Night’ to the next level this October with four terrifying mazes and dedicated entertainment areas.

Entering its sixth year, this will be the biggest budget Fright Nights event to date and is set to deliver a hideously horrible experience with new mazes, signature rides as well as themed food and beverage options.

Movie World brand manger Selena Lawson said this year’s Fright Nights will take the horror to another level, with all new experience aimed to terrify even the most fearless Fright Nights guests.

“Fright Nights 2014 will feature a maze created around the highly-anticipated Bethesda Softworks game The Evil Within, a Jack the Ripper Maze based on London’s most prolific predator and the fan-voted Cannibal Clowns Maze bringing guests greatest childhood fears to life,” she said.

Fright Nights partnered with Bethesda Softworks to deliver the new release of The Evil Within video game and created a maze designed to bring the video game to life.

“With the partnership with Bethesda Softworks we have used The Evil Within as inspiration to create a maze that includes real-life characters from the game roaming around the pathways, and is sure to be a test of nerves for anyone brave enough to enter,” she said.

Meanwhile, Fright Night presented their first ever maze based on an Australian film, Wolf Creek 2, with psychotic serial killer Mick Taylor brought to life to create an all new-level of terror for riders.

Wolf Creek 2 Director and Producer Greg McLean said the partnership with Movie World was a great combination considering Wolf Creek 3 which is currently in the works.

“Movie World has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the authenticity of the movie is represented in the maze and has included actual props including Mick’s costume, hat and knives plus his iconic Ford truck,” Mr McLean said.

“They’ve done an incredible job creating an attraction that will take you inside Wolf Creek.”

Fright Nights introduces Wolf Creek 2 maze. Photo: Google Images
Fright Nights introduces Wolf Creek 2 maze. Photo: Google Images

A new guest of Fright Night said she would strongly recommend it to people who have never participated before.

“I really enjoyed the Wolf Creek 2 maze and The Evil Within maze. I thought they were the best mazes of the night and truly encapsulated the essence of a ‘Fright Night’,” she said.

“I loved the atmosphere of the Movie World Fright Night however there were many aspects I didn’t like, such as the long lines for the mazes and the price for fast track pass.

“Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and I would definitely recommend it to someone who has never visited before or someone who hasn’t experienced its Fright Night”.

Tickets are available for purchase on any of the selected nights in October. For more information visit http://www.frightnights.com.au or call 13 33 86.


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