‘Lionheart’ Leapai set for heavyweight comeback


Leapai (right) spars with Joseph Goodall (left). Photo:
Leapai (right) spars with Joseph Goodall (left). Photo: Jonathan Najarro

Heavyweight Alex Leapai is preparing for his most important fight against American heavyweight Malik Scott in late October.

After a devastating defeat against world champ Wladimir Klitschko in the WBO World Heavyweight Title in April, Mr Leapai is determined to come back harder than ever.

“I still got a lot in the boxing game. This is the fight I got to win, and it will put me back in the top 10. It is a fight that will get me up there but if I lose this fight, it’s break down and start all over again,” Mr Leapai said.

“I believe in second chances. I got knocked down, we [might] stay down but you [have to] get up and keep going.”

American Malik Scott who stands at 194cm tall with an 81 inch reach maintains a huge reach advantage over the 183cm Australian.

Mr Leapai’s coach Noel Thornberry said this fight will be one of the most important ones in Alex’s career.

“It is a make fight for both, but a loss for either one would set their careers back quite a way,” Mr Thornberry said.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do… he’s done a lot of good preparation and his strength and condition is great.”

Mr Leapai has previously fought many taller opponents like Mr Klitschko but is not fazed by the overwhelming reach advantage.

“He just has to get in there, shut the distance down [then] has to get close and not worry about what Malik Scott has to bring to the table,” Mr Thornberry said.

Alex Leapai will be facing Malik Scott at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on October 24.


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