Brisbane residents pay to party in the park


Brisbane Council proposes $300 permits for parties.    Image: Ranui Harmer
Brisbane Council proposes $300 permits for parties. Photo: Ranui Harmer

The Brisbane City Council are considering plans to regulate social gatherings in parks and bushland reserves in order to police outdoor events.

If plans go ahead, from November 2014 the Council will combine local laws relating to Council assets into one single law; the Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 (PLACA).

Under these proposed guidelines, if 50 or more people gather together in council parkland, the law would require them to apply and pay for a permit several weeks in advance.

With gatherings in bushland reserves limited to a total of 20 guests, Brisbane resident Claire Brown said the proposed law is a money-making strategy that will end a popular Aussie tradition.

“We are fortunate that we live in a country that has beautiful weather and allows for social gatherings to be held outdoors,” Ms Brown said.

“I attend and host many parties held in parks due to having no garden, and as a rate-payer I struggle to see how this wouldn’t constitute as ‘double dipping’.

“Many families enjoy Australia Day BBQ’s, public holidays and special occasions in parks which are all harmless fun. To try and regulate that seems very un-Australian.”

Brisbane City Council announced the proposed permits would cost party hosts $300, with a fine of $5500 for partying with excessive numbers without a permit.

The Council says the consolidation is required as the numbers of people using our open spaces and parks are dramatically increasing.

A test on the Brisbane City Council website for anyone planning a party in the park and unsure of whether they are required to obtain a permit, to let them know the rules and what they will be required to do.

Brisbane City Council was unavailable for comment, however the public have until October 10 to let them know what they think of the proposed permits.

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