Westfield Garden City unveils its new look


Interactive digital display in Garden City.    Photo: Yang Siyuan

Interactive digital display in Garden City. Photo: Yang Siyuan

Hundreds of shoppers visited Westfield Garden City today for the opening of a wide range of new stores and restaurants.

Garden City is now almost double and a half of the original structure and offered more than 100 new stores including Aldi, Myers and Target.

Centre Manager of Westfield Garden City Stuart Elder said their team have prepared to welcome customers to the new and improved shopping centre.

“The centre features Brisbane’s top fashion, a great new dining [area], cutting edge entertainment and innovative digital connectivity all within a stunning [new] setting,” Mr Elder said.

“We are confident shoppers will be delighted with their revitalised Garden City.”

The development has created roughly 3750 new jobs.

Staff member for a new store Kowai Timu said this is the second time that she has been to Garden City, but it’s an exciting place to have fun.

“I love it, I think it’s awesome. What my favourite thing is that the [atmosphere] is very nice,” Ms Kowai said.

“Lots of shops and lots of things to do.”

The launch celebrations will continue to this Sunday including live music, workshops, performances and special offers.


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