Gyms transforming your body and bank balance


Consumers are paying hundreds of dollars for transformation programs     Image: Flickr
Consumers are paying hundreds of dollars for transformation programs. Photo: Flickr

Health experts warn that time-framed exercise and nutrition challenges are a scam and can often deliberately set a participant up to fail.

Transformation challenges have quickly become the latest trend amongst men and women looking to lose weight or get fit.

Michelle Bridges ’12 week body transformation’ program will begin this week, promoting itself as having helped Australians lose over 1,000,000kgs.

Nutritionist Angela Lewis said despite health challenges offering fast and effective results, these are often short-term and difficult to sustain.

“While over the term of the challenge clients will see results and be happy with the outcomes, but studies show large amounts of weight loss over a short term is bound to fail,” Ms Lewis said.

“For the term of the challenge, these people are in a supportive environment with others trying to achieve the same goals, but the downfalls occur once a challenge is completed.

“Since no education surrounding good nutrition habits has been taught, the person goes straight back to their normal unsuccessful eating habits. So they sign up again unknowing that these programs are designed specifically to keep people in a continual loop.”

Brisbane based personal trainer Chontel Hau runs eight-week transformation challenges at her gym HIIT Australia and denies clients aren’t taught nutritional information.

“Our transformation challenges are ‘kick-starts’ for clients looking to change their lifestyle,” Ms Hau said.

“Before the challenge begins we run a compulsory pre-nutrition seminar as well as a post-nutrition seminar after it has being completed.

“We also give challengers a gift certificate for a discounted ‘Advanced Level 1’ Nutrition course at the Human Performance Centre. Education and the well being of clients is something I think all good personal trainers have a responsibility to ensure.”