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Microscopic Ebola strain.    Source:  University of Texas, Medical Branch
Microscopic Ebola strain. Photo: University of Texas, Medical Branch

Gold Coast man treated for Ebola

A 25-year-man was taken to the Gold Coast University hospital on Thursday following suspicions he had contracted Ebola during a trip to Africa.

The man displayed symptoms after complaining of illness after his arrest and is currently being treated at the hospital.

Health Officials said it was unlikely the patient had contracted Ebola, but were keeping him on watch for public safety.

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ISIS flag-burning trend goes viral in Arabic countries

The first teenagers to burn the flag.   Source: Twitter
Teenagers burn the flag. Photo: Twitter

Debate has been sparked following the growth of an internet trend in Lebanon involving the burning of the ISIS flag.

Some have criticised participants for disrespecting the Islamic message on the flag.

However, Lebanon’s Change and Reform parliamentary group have endorsed the activity and its significance.

The trend has spread to other Arabic countries and has been organised on twitter using #BurnISISFlagChallenge

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Questions surrounding Abbott’s citizenship question his eligibility

Abbot’s dual citizenship could mean the end of his run in office     Source: Google
Abbot’s dual citizenship could mean the end of his run in office. Photo: Google Images

Questions have been raised regarding Tony Abbott’s eligibility to hold office following the discovery that he may hold dual-citizenship.

When a Sunshine-Coast blogger discovered the discrepancy in his university paperwork, an application was put forward to confirm or deny the information.

The office refused to return with comment.

A position on has been started to seize this information.

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Lego now world’s largest toy producer

The box-office success of the Lego Movie helped boost the sales numbers for the year      Source: Warner Brothers Pictures
The box-office success of the Lego Movie helped boost the sales numbers for the year. Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures

Lego has seen a 12% boost in sales following the success of the movie released at the beginning of the year, overtaking Mattel by 2 billion.

The film brought in $470 million at the box-office with a surge of movie-related products finding their way onto shelves.

The mega-corporation has a line of video games planned to for release during the Christmas period, securing this boost into the next year.

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Scientists confirm that Earth’s ozone layer has recovered for the first time in 35 years

Scientists have rendered the Earth’s recovery, showing the ozone’s progress. Photo: NASA

Scientists at NASA confirmed at a U.N panel the ozone layer had recovered by 4% since 2000.

The United Nations calculated that without this recovery there would be millions more skin cancer cases within the planets population.

Executive Director of the U.N. Environmental Program said we are on track for a partial recovery by 2050.

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