Local community group tackles council plans for future


Co-founder of Redlands 2030, Chris Walker Photo: Emma McCluney

Co-founder of Redlands 2030, Chris Walker. Photo: Emma McCluney

A group of Redland City residents have united to form Redlands 2030, a community action group on a mission to keep the local government honest.

Redlands 2030 co-founder Chris Walker said certain local council members are not performing as well as they should be.

“We stood back and looked more broadly at what was going on and we could see it was the underlying processes, the way council was doing things, [that] was the fundamental problem, and all these other little things were manifestations of this problem,” he said.

With the 2015 City Plan currently in its draft phase, Mr Walker said there is more to the council’s plan, such as hidden developer and council agendas.

“I think the city plan process shows that council is more interested in looking after the interests of the developers that want to make a quick buck, rather than the interests of the community,” he said.

“We want choices to be determined partly by the community rather than just being determined by council or developers lobbying council behind the scenes, then giving the community a very short window of time for the public to react and comment.”

The Source contacted City Mayor Karen Williams for an interview but she was unavailable for comment.

To get involved or find out more, go to: http://redlands2030.net.

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