Swedish crayfish party great success


Crayfish party at IKEA Logan. Photo: Yang Siyuan

Logan Ikea’s in-store summer Swedish crayfish party attracted 500 diners last Tuesday and Wednesday.

The crayfish smorgasbord included some famous Swedish food such as meatballs, cheese pie, bread, cheese, salmon, fruit and of course crayfish.

Party-goers consumed a total of 318kg of crayfish over the two nights.

Store manager of Ikea Logan Renea Robson said the crayfish party was a very important festival in Sweden, the origin country of Ikea.

“It’s a hugely popular tradition in Sweden, a non-religious, traditional Swedish celebration,” Ms Renea said.

“You cook the crayfish in dill then serve them cold to eat with your hands, it’s a very messy and fun meal.

“It’s a rowdy, hands on meal and traditional drinking songs are sung as the party goes on late into the night.”

Party-goer Iris Chen said the crayfish party was worth a top review.

“I am most attracted to the food including the crayfish and other delicious dishes,” Miss Chen said.

The service is good as well, all the staff are enthusiastic and easy going.

“This is a good marketing strategy, it’s not only customer appreciation, but also a [good] publicity [stunt].”




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