Apples iCloud rains down as more celebrity nudes hacked


App data centre AP
Apple iCloud servers. Photo: Associated Press

The Internet’s biggest torrent of celebrity nudes were posted earlier this week with many celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Teresa Palmer involved in the latest hacking incident.

It is alleged someone accessed the private images of approximately 100 celebrities through a glitch in Apple iCloud’s ‘Find My iPhone’.

Authorities in the US have detained a 27-year-old software designer from Georgia, however the man denies any involvement other then simply trying to cash in on the scandal.

QUT School of Media and Entertainment Professor Axel Bruns said the problem is that images stored in iCloud service are not secure enough.

“When someone hacks images and makes them available in the public environment, the pictures are made widely available through online social media and torrenting sites,” he said.

Professor Bruns was quick to point out the possibility of the ‘Streisand effect’ whereby any possible legal action could lead to an even greater dissemination of the hacked images.

“Media coverage causes more public interest and any legal action against hackers beckons more media coverage which leads to the ‘Streisand effect’.”

The “Streisand effect” refers to when celebrity Barbara Streisand attempted to bring legal action against an American real estate company that revealed her holiday home location, leading to many more images of her home in Malibu being posted across the Internet.

Melbourne based PR firm Media Key’s Ross Woodward told The Source that in his opinion people’s privacy is to be respected regardless of celebrity status.

“People are entitled as grown adults to do within reason what they like in their own home people and that should be respected,” Mr Woodward said.

“Hacking is disgraceful, like in the case of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities as peoples privacy is simply not being respected and their reputation is then permanently tarnished through social media.”

Sites such as BuzzFeed in America have been updating the list of celebrities affected by this latest hacking scandal with the list said to be growing by the hour.