Volcano erupts in PNG

A volcano in the East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea has erupted this morning. Natasha Emeck has this report.
The Mt Tavurvur volcano erupted back into life at around three AM local time this morning, leaving locals in a panic.
Tavurvur has been rumbling, spitting up lava and enormous ash clouds up into the sky all morning, leaving surrounding villages like Matupit completely covered in carpets of grey.
Rabaul Volcano Observatory officials are urging for calm while they asses the situation and submit an official report to the National Disaster Office.
Rabaul local, Poreni Umau says officials have warned asthmatics and more vulnerable citizens to stay inside.
The East New Britian Provincial Administration is also working quickly to the address the eruption.
In only two weeks time the town of Rabaul will commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the volcano’s most destructive eruption to date in nineteen-ninety-four.

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