Australian organic plant manufacturing industry in good Shape


Akos Mathé at IHC 2014. Photo: Kasun Ubayasiri
Akos Mathé at IHC 2014. Photo: Kasun Ubayasiri

Australia’s Medicinal Aromatic Plant (MAP) industry is on solid ground, but  more investment is needed to ensure fresh opportunities bloom.

University of West Hungary Botany Professor Akos Mathé told the International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane this week, that Australia was already leading the way in some aromatic products but there were many more opportunities to be explored in the industry.

“There is significant potential in Medicinal Aromatic Plants and natural medicines however without further investment it may not reach its full potential,” Prof Mathé said.

Prof. Mathe who is also the vice-precedent of the  Medicinal and Aromatic Plants council praised Australian organic agriculture industry, in particular the production of pyrethrum.

“The Australian industry is in favor of further research into organic manufacturing of plants and the benefits of this research can be seen in the growing pyrethrum trade,” Prof. Mathé said.

He said Botanical Resources Australia (BRA) provides over 60% of the world’s pyrethrum which is made from pyrethrum flowers and used in many organic insecticides.

The BRA team uses many of the techniques outlined by Prof. Mathé to grow their flowers, including the plant factories that allow constant cultivation year round.

“The initial investment is higher in the natural production of medicinal and organic plants, however it saves money in the long run and it is much more environmentally friendly,” he said .

He said 80% of the world’s population relied on traditional medical therapies forming a direct link between medical treatments and the MAP industry.

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