Strawberry sundaes raise money for medical research


Strawberry sundae. Image source: Yang Siyuan.
Strawberry sundae. Image source: Yang Siyuan.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation has gained support for medical research from the sale of strawberry sundaes at Brisbane’s Ekka this year.

Nearly 3000 volunteers assisted in the selling of 145,000 strawberry sundaes during a ten days period from 8 to 17 August.

Prince Charles Hospital Foundation PR and Communications Manger Christine Atkinson said she is yet to calculate the final figure of donations raised.

“I don’t know exactly how much money we have made for research yet, but last year we raised $160,000,” Ms Atkinson said.

“Last year, Ekka sundaes supported 16 new investigator grants, [that’s] more than half of the 28 new investigator grants funded in total in the 2013-14 financial year.

“Australia’s biggest killers are heart and lung diseases, our research grants support work in these areas as well as looking at how to cure, treat, diagnose and prevent some of the most debilitating conditions such as arthritis and dementia.”

International student from the University of Queensland Deng Hui said it is a great feeling knowing eating a sundae is also helping people.

“I ate seven strawberry sundaes in one day this year and I had five of them last year,” Miss Deng said.

“It can’t be found elsewhere.”


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