It’s Arrested Democracy


Video by YouTube user Ace Alderman (NotChukkov)

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: our favourite group of rich, corrupt, unethical, ignorant and irredeemably obnoxious misanthropes, the government, has been paired up with our favourite group of wealthy, crooked, shady, incurable and insufferable family business, The Bluth Family.

Fan’s of the critically acclaimed and cult series Arrested Development have probably already noticed the uncanny and striking similarities (see above sentence) between the members of the Bluth Family and the self-esteemed politics in our model, ethical and flawless Australian democracy.

However, for those who haven’t, a tumblr has recently emerged that aligns some of the shows most memorable quotes with some of our politicians most forgettable scenes.

Image source: Tumblr arresteddemocracyaus

Just picture this for a moment…Malcolm Turnbull as George Oscar Bluth, the struggling magician who makes money disappear into thin air;  Christopher Pyne as Buster Bluth, the clueless middle child who can’t survive for two minutes away from his self-involved, oblivious mother, Lucille Bluth, played by Tony Abbott, the head of the dysfunctional family.

With cameo appearances by Clive Palmer, Gina Reinhart, Joe Hockey and Julie Bishop, let me tell you, Arrested Democracy makes for some fantastic viewing.

Image source: Tumblr arresteddemocracyaus

So grab some popcorn, put your feet up and watch this dysfunctional family try and run the country while they clearly haven’t got a clue, streaming 24/7 at Arrested Democracy.

Image source: Tumblr arresteddemocracyaus

I tried* to contact the Government and those concerned with this political spin-off for a comment, or maybe even a hard boiled attack on whoever was genius enough to find the lowest common denominator between the two parties, but all I got in return was this…

Image source: Tumblr arresteddemocracyaus

*I didn’t really try

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