Recreation ‘bikers’ new targets for anti-bikie laws

Source: AAP/Joe Castro


Recreational ‘bikers’ are being targeted after the recent implementation of the Queensland’s Governments new bikie gang laws.

The Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC), who represent recreational bikers, say that police are harassing riders and wants the High Court to overturn the new laws.

Chairman for the AMC, Shaun Lennard, told that the council was simply ‘defending people’s right to ride, and to mix with friends’.

A Brisbane schoolteacher and Harley enthusiast, who will remain anonymous, said he felt he was being victimised because of his appearance of having tattoos and riding a motorcycle.

“Since the law came into motion, I’ve been involved in a number of ‘random’ police stops despite not wearing bikie colours, and on more than one occasion I have been late to school due to being pulled over for a breathalyser and drug testing,” he said.

“New laws do not let you ride in groups of more than two which is extremely disappointing as it ceases the social aspect of riding.”

The State Government has denied the new laws will affect ordinary bike riders and police have defended themselves by saying that their stopping of bikers is all part of an information-gathering campaign.

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