The happy camper state


Source: Ian Sutton via Flickr.
Source: Ian Sutton via Flickr.

A series of regional workshops designed to improve Queensland’s camping and caravanning industry have been launched in Cairns this week.

Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey said the promotion of camping options was a key initiative during the development of the Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-15.

“The growing popularity of caravanning and camping across Queensland had seen huge numbers of people moving around our state,” she said.

“We need to ensure appropriate camping options are available to maximise the benefits to tourists, caravan park operators, local governments and the wider business community.”

With 10.3 million visitors participating in touring during their time in Queensland, local caravan park owners are welcoming the new government initiative.

“It would be good to see some funding from the Government for private caravan parks as well, also better signage and roadways for better access,” said Pamona Caravan Park Manager Keith Haining.

The workshops started in Cairns on Wednesday and will be held across the state, finishing on the Fraser Coast on the October 25.

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