WorkCover amendment rushed through state parliament



A bill to amend the WorkCover legislation is expected to be passed through State Parliament today in the shadow of the State Government’s controversial ‘anti-bikie’ legislation.

According to Queensland Council for Civil Liberties spokesman Michael Cope, the State Government introduced the bill this week “for apparently no good reason”.

“There’s nothing wrong with the WorkCover system,” he said.

“They recently had a parliamentary committee say they should keep it.”

The Finance and Administration Parliamentary Committee tabled documents entitled ‘Inquiry into the Operation of Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation Scheme’ released on the 23rd of May.

The committee led by Coomera MP Michael Crandon found no major changes were required.

The Brisbane Times reports under the new legislation it will be harder for workers to sue negligent employers, tougher penalties apply to fraudulent claims and employers will be able to access worker’s injury and claim history.

When asked if he felt it was a political move by the State Government to pass the amendment this week, Mr Cope felt it was likely.

“Because there is absolutely no reason why it has to be dealt with in a week,” he said.

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